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We use technology to your advantage. 

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Our owner-centric program reduces your expenses.

Interested in listing your property for Vacation Rental? Our property management team would love to speak with you! Read below for details about our Vacation Rental Program. If you have any questions or would like an estimate on potential income for your property please email or call.

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 Why Join our Family? The Benefits Are Clear!

Many of our competitors charge a commission, then a fee to the owner for this and a fee for that. Not us! All items below are included in the commission we quote you.  Our owners do not miss out on the best and most innovative marketing and technologies either!

Vacation Rental Internet Marketing

Your property will be marketed on the following (including but not limited to – total of 15 websites!) worldwide internet vacation sites giving you MORE INTERNET EXPOSURE than any other Topsail Island company. Our suite of advertising partners include popular vacation rental sites such as, and  No Extra Charge.

Professional Photography

A recent study by found that professional photography increased bookings of a particular property by 98% and increased potential tenant views by over 159%!!! We keep a highly trained staff photographer who exercises cutting edge technology to ensure that your photos truly do speak a thousand words. These are not "cell phone" photos by any means.  No Extra Charge.

Seagull View

Showing your property off in a unique and attention grabbing manner . . . "From Where the Seagulls Fly, The Air!!!!" NO EXTRA CHARGE. Virtual Tour of your property – offering your potential guests the peace of mind of virtual viewing your beautiful home before they booked. No Extra Charge. 

Virtual Showings

In 2016 we proudly introduced 3D Model advertising of all of our properties. We were the first on Topsail Island to use this technology.  Using a professional 3D camera we can capture a unique interactive experience which allows guest to virtually walk through each property. Potential guests love it and our owners do as well!  As part of our program, we offer all owners their very own 3D Model scan; no extra charge! 

Secured Home 

Keys are not secure. They can be made in minutes. They can be shared or worse - lost. Smart locks with expiring key codes are secure, prevent unauthorized access and allow monitoring. We purchase a smart lock and hub for any of our vacation rental properties that desire security. We also offer energy management solutions with smart thermostats preventing abuse of the heating and air conditioning system which not only can increase your electric bill but damage your system. 

Other Services To You

  • Your property will be inspected on average by 4 people including our own inspectors after each rental – giving YOU Peace of Mind. No Extra Charge
  • No Credit Card Fees passed to our owners.
  • Direct Deposit of Rental Proceeds. No Extra Charge.
  • Online Owner Extra-net allowing you to block weeks online, view statements, view reservations, etc.  No Extra Charge.
  • Protection against tenant damages with our Accidental Damage Program. No Extra Charge.
  • Hurricane Prep like no other company.
  • Commitment to honesty and integrity through professional service. We truly value all our owners.
  • Decorating Consultants available year round* *Nominal charges may apply


Homeowner FAQs

Marketing & Compensation

  • What is Lewis Realty Assoc. Inc.’s management fee or commission?

    Our management fee is very competitive with other area companies. However, it is based after we consider the property, rental potential, location, condition, etc. Again, unlike other companies, we never charge a marketing service fee or a credit card fee to our owners.

  • How will my property be rented in comparison to other properties on your program?

    Our reservationists book homes based on the tenants needs and requests based on the availability of the home. Our computer system displays all available properties based on the inputted criteria.

  • How is the weekly rate set?

    Every fall or when you come on board our program, the property manager evaluates your home, researches comparable rental property data and performance and custom designs a weekly rate plan based your property to help achieve the highest gross rental receipts possible for your home.

  • How is my proceeds figured?

    Automatically based the data we inputted in your account on our vacation rental management computer system. Basically, the Gross Rent minus any repair/maintenance expense, minus management fee equals your proceeds. There are always statements for each check and invoices on any repair/maintenance expense.

  • When Can I expect my checks?

    Our proceeds checks are sent out by the 15 of each month for the prior month’s proceeds. We also have direct deposit available to our owners.

  • Can I set and how do I set “Owner Blocks” for my personal usage?

    Owner blocks are encouraged to be set up with your Owner extra-net, which is an easy process. We do however encourage you to leave the home open during the peak rental seasons to allow for us to maximum your investment, plus fall and spring are beautiful at Topsail anyways!

  • Do you discount the rate or run specials?
    Not usually but occasionally. In the property management agreement, there is an addendum to indicate what percentage you would allow us to discount if the need arose based on a time schedule for open weeks. Anything above that percentage, we must call you on a case by case basis. We always do our homework before recommending a discount and only request it if the property bookings indicate that it would maximum your investment.

Maintenance, Housekeeping, Inspections

  • Who pays for housekeeping?

    On your rate sheet which is attached to the property management agreement, you will notice that the Gross Rent minus Cleaning/Management Fee equals the Owner’s proceeds. Cleanings appear on your statement. The tenants expect the cleaning fee to be included in the rent; our competitors included the cleaning fee in the rate, so to be most competitive we do so as well. Plus, NC State Law does not allow us to charge a separate cleaning fee; it must be bundled into the “Base Rent”.

  • Who pays for linens?

    We ask that the tenant bring their own linens OR rent the linens for Lewis Realty Associates, Inc. We do not supply linens, nor charge you for linens, unless otherwise desired by you. It is a special item to consider providing linens for your guests however.

  • How are Security Deposits and Tenant Damages Handled?

    Each reservation includes protection from our  “Accidental Damage Program”. The fee for this program is included in the reservations fees paid by the tenant. The fee purchases a protector that covers you and the tenant up to $1500 worth of accidental damages to the property, excepting normal wear and tear. We do not hold security deposits on vacation rentals. Our cleaners and inspectors inspect for damages and maintenance issues after every rental and communicate their findings back to the rental office via digital pictures & cleaning or inspection forms. We then act to correct the issue.

  • Do I have to pay for small ticket items to be delivered to the home like light bulbs or air filters?

    Every time an employee leaves our office there are expenses involved. During the height of the season, we are visiting every single home we manage on one day. We encourage you to stock your home with enough light bulbs, batteries and air filters to last the season and our inspectors will ensure that those items are installed as needed at no extra charge. However, if we must purchase items, we will be invoicing you for those items. We strive to use our inspectors to install the items even when purchased by our company on your behalf to save you service calls. However, if we must call a service provider out, there may be a charge associate. Rest assured, it is rare.

  • How will I be billed for repairs?

    Your monthly statement will reflect any charges to your account along with invoices for such charges. We ask to be allowed to keep $300 for a reserve emergency fund on hand and be able to make repairs as needed for less than $300. If above $300, we call you for approval. 

  • Do I have to get a deep cleaning each year?
    Yes. To ensure satisfaction of the guests and maintain your home, we require a deep cleaning each year before the rental season begins. The weekly cleaners are able to clean the home in the small time allotted each week in between renters more effectively and keep your guests happy.

  • How is Housekeeping handled? 
    We hire small cleaning companies as independent contractors of our company. We only give them 3 homes each to clean in close proximity of each other. We feel this allows the cleaner more time in your home to ensure cleanliness. If problems are found by the inspectors with the cleaning, the cleaner is called back to the property at no extra charge to you. We also provide the cleaners with a performance checklist to help ensure quality. 


  • Can I prohibit a guest from renting my property again?

    In very rare cases with extreme damages or issues, a homeowner may elect to prohibit a guest from re-renting the property. However, this is a very careful decision to make and must be discussed with the Broker in Charge and property manager of the company. Rest assured, we are committed to protect the owner and help to ensure we never have to make that decision.

  • Do you offer Keyless entry to me and my guests?

    Yes! We install Keyless entry door locks on all of our properties. This will allow you and your guest’s secure direct access to the home as well as providing a monitoring system for your property. The lock system we are working with has its own management dashboard where Lewis Realty and the homeowners can monitor, manage and secure the property right from their own computer!


How To Join Our Program?

  1. Contact us!  Simply call 910-328-5211 and ask for our property manager or use the contact form on this page.  Whether you are in the market for investment property or shopping around for a new Property Management company we will be happy to make an appointment to view your property and give you a specialized Rental Analysis. We know how to make the most out of your investment.

  2. Our Vacation Rental Property Management Agreement (PMA) package will be sent to you. This comprehensive package includes: a Property Management Agreement, Explanation of all fees (management commission, housekeeping), Examples of how your home will be marketed, various forms for other services (i.e. server weather preparation, preventative maintenance, annual deep cleaning) and a Minimum Furnishings Requirements.

  3. Review and return all paperwork. 

  4. Welcome home! Once we have received your signed contract our staff will move quickly to enroll you home into our program. Photos will be taken by our staff photographer for our website. Your complete 3D virtual tour will be completed for addition to our website. A housekeeper will be assigned specifically for your property and your warranty information and any special requests will be recorded. We then begin marketing your property to the world.