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Why You Should Pick An Oceanfront Rental On Topsail

Maybe you are planning your next vacation and have yet to pick a destination. Or maybe, you`ve set your compass on Topsail Island and are making the decision between a hotel or a vacation rental. Picking an oceanfront vacation rental, whether it be on Topsail Island or another destination, will make your vacation more exclusive, enjoyable, and convenient. Let`s take a look at some of the benefits of choosing an oceanfront vacation rental. 

Exclusivity and convenience

An oceanfront rental is truly your own pad for the duration of your stay on Topsail Island. A vacation rental is going to provide you with parking for your group, individual rooms for members of your family, a dining space and kitchen (often complete with cooking implements and eating utensils), and multiple bathrooms. A great example of this is the Captain`s Quarters, located in Surf City. This single-family home has five bedrooms, three bathrooms, and can handle a group of up to fourteen people. The Captain`s Quarters also has a deck where each bedroom has access and a view of the ocean.

If you were booking a hotel room for your Topsail Island get away, there are a couple of issues you might run into:

-       Everyone in your party would have to share a room.

-       Not everyone would be able to enjoy their downtime in the way that they`d like.

-       Your room might not have a clear view of the ocean.

-       You would also be dependent on restaurants or the continental breakfast for your meals.

If you book a vacation rental with Vacations on Topsail, you will get access to a prime location of your liking. Your rental can be in bustling Surf City, with beach access and the proximity of downtown close by. You could also choose a quiet, romantic getaway in Topsail Beach.

The health benefits of an oceanfront vacation rental

Not only will your oceanfront vacation rental be exclusive, but you will also get a chance to get rid of stress and enjoy the benefits of some ocean air. Ocean air has a greater concentration of oxygen, as well as ions (such as iodine, salt, and magnesium). The air by the ocean can potentially help with things like depression, but can also help with asthma symptoms, your overall skin health, and stimulate the immune system.

An oceanfront vacation rental can also be a great escape from the stress of your everyday life. The American Psychological Association found that vacations reduce stress by removing us from the environments and activities that produce stress. Vacations can reduce stress that may produce health problems later, but most importantly, people get the opportunity to recharge and come back to their working life feeling refreshed.

Another reason you should pick an oceanfront rental is that it can reduce the stress that you might experience on a vacation. About 60% of Americans experience stress on a vacation to the point where they do not get to enjoy their vacation. Since an oceanfront rental has all the comforts of home, you can get the chance to enjoy your vacation. 

An oceanfront vacation rental makes your experience great for everyone

Your vacation might not just be for your immediate family. You might be getting people together for a wedding, a family reunion, or some other rare opportunity where everyone will be together in one place. An oceanfront vacation rental makes the experience even more memorable. Your group might be getting together at a lodge or maybe renting out the "Tiki Queen Paddlewheel" for the day. An oceanfront vacation rental will help you enjoy the time you spend during a family get together, but help you unwind when you are away from the main group of people.

There`s a difference between "oceanfront" and "ocean-view" room

In the hotel industry, there is a difference between an "oceanfront" and an "ocean-view" room. An oceanfront hotel room will actually face the ocean, whereas an ocean-view hotel room might give you a little bit of a glimmer of the ocean off in the horizon. With a vacation rental on Topsail Island, you will get clear, unabated access to the ocean. Consider Chapel Chill, an oceanfront vacation rental that is designed for larger groups looking for a more affordable booking price. The ocean is within walking distance, and you get a great view from the deck.

If you like your oceanfront rental, you can come back next year

If you frequently come to Topsail Island, Lewis Realty & Associates has made it easy for you to come back next year. There is a program called "token hold," where you can book for the next year`s dates through the Wednesday of your current year`s reservation. You can then secure your rental for the next year if you plan on coming back.

You can enjoy a vacation rental twelve months out of the year

You don`t have to visit Topsail Island during the summer months. In fact, Topsail Island is great to visit year round. Some people will say that spring is the best time to visit Topsail Island. Temperatures are comfortable, even if the water is a little bit cold. Winter is also a great time to visit Topsail Island. Sometimes, if you are lucky, you might spot a humpback whale. Whale sightings are becoming more frequent each year. Fall and winter are a chance to hike along the beach and enjoy the weather.

Your choice rental might also include amenities that are great throughout the year and could potentially be cheaper if you come during the off season. Several of our properties are available for shorter rental durations (minimum of 3 days) if you rent in the off season and just want a short stay. 

There are no hidden costs with an oceanfront vacation rental

If you book an online vacation rental through one of the major providers out there, you will likely pay what are known as "junk fees." These can include cleaning fees, a parking fee, and other miscellaneous charges that drive the price of the listing up when you go to check out. With Vacations on Topsail, there are no hidden fees. Your cleaning cost is included in the fee that you pay. You are also protected up to $1,500 for accidental damages, hence no security deposit.

Some of the vacation rental providers that charge "junk fees" also have extensive lists of conditionals that you must complete when you leave. If you stay with Vacations on Top Sail, there will be just a few action items for you to do to help keep the property looking nice for the next tenant.

Why work with Lewis Realty Associates

Lewis Realty Associates has been in business on Topsail Island for over sixty years. Our vacation rentals are sourced from the top properties on the island. We`ve also found rental properties in Topsail Beach, North Topsail Beach, and Surf City, the best places on the island to stay. Also, the company is involved with many organizations, ranging from Rotary to the Chamber of Commerce. 

We also have a special page created of all oceanfront properties on Topsail Island that are currently for sale

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